We help busy business owners make more money and work less by automating the parts of their business they most avoid doing

Our Practice Areas

Sales and Marketing Automation

Mapping ideal customer journeys to the automation tools that deliver them consistently, automatically and profitably.

Revenue Operations as a Service

Helping to implement omni-channel retail and assisted sales with ongoing refinements to your pipelines and KPIs.

Scale-Up Coaching

Helping business owners assess if their business model, systems and processes are ready to grow.

Meet our coaches

Cameron Tulloch

Cameron has personally conducted more than 6000 one-on-one consultations with current and prospective business owners. He has specific expertise in lean business experiments, business-enabling technologies for Customer Relationships, Marketing Automation and Operations and is inspired by working with entrepreneurs who want to build and scale new ideas.

As the Principal Consultant at Venture Launch Canada, Cameron is responsible for helping clients as they plan, launch and grow businesses. He focuses on using technology to help busy business owners make more money and work less by automating the parts of their businesses they most avoid doing.

Cameron holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads University in Victoria, B.C. Beginning in 2020 he has joined Mohawk College’s McKeil School of Business as a Professor.

Lifecycle Marketing

If sales and marketing automation systems are tools in a toolbox, Lifecycle Marketing is the blueprint guiding what we will build together. Our Sales and Marketing Automation, RevOps as a Service and Scale-Up services all begin with a lifecycle mapping session. 

Target, Attract, Capture.

Engage, Offer, Close.

Deliver, Impress.

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